Jersey Homes Trust Estates

The Jersey Homes Trust owns and manages 839 homes on 24 estates.
The majority of these are in the town area but several are situated in the countryside.


Belle Vue,
Route des Quennevais,
St Brelade

90 houses and flats

The site of the Lesquende pleasure park, well known for go-kart racing, before this early development of the Trust, comprising 90 units of mainly 2-bed houses at St Brelade. Residents and visitors enjoy the central village-green inspired gardens.

Berkshire Court,
La Motte Street, St Helier

113 flats and 1 amenity unit

A well-known feature of the town-scape, occupies the previous site of the Berkshire Hotel (Lillie Langtry pub) and the La Motte Ford Garage. 113 x 1-bed apartments provide a protected environment for senior citizens.

Old Trinity Hill,
St Helier

15 flats and houses

The first development of the Trust, completed in 1996. Situated in a pleasant site close to Trinity Hill, it comprises a single 1-bed, 11 x 2-bed and 3 x 3-bed flats and houses.

Cherry Grove,
Roussel Street,
St Helier

12 flats

Situated in the grounds of the former Sacre Coeur children's home, near Rouge Bouillon, St Helier and comprising 12 x 2-bed apartments.

Clement Court,
Ann Street,
St Helier

32 flats

A more recent development in Ann Street, comprising 32 one and two-bed apartments with basement car-parking.

Jardin de la Mare, Grouville

29 x 3 bedroomed houses

Another recent development comprising 29 x 3-bed houses and situated in Grouville in the former De la Mare Nursery site. The houses are grouped around central gardens and have good car-parking.

Clos du Ruisseau, Maufant,
St Martin

19 houses

A lovely development of 19 x 3-bed houses at Maufant, (St Martin), completed in 2008.

Clos Le Gallais,
St Helier

13 houses

Another small estate of (mainly) 3-bed houses near the top of Trinity Hill, St Helier and comprising 13 family homes.


Garrett Anderson House, College Gardens,
St Helier

40 one and two-bedroomed apartments

Completed in 2018, forming part of the re-development by the Jersey Development Company of the former Jersey College for Girls site in St Helier. 40 apartments, mainly single-bed. Very high quality construction and excellent amenities on site.

Hameau de la Mer,
St Clement

21 apartments for the over 55s

Part of an attractive mixed estate reserved for more elderly residents of St Clement and comprising 22 apartments, mainly single-bedded.

Jardin Fleuri, Grouville

16 houses

A very pleasant small estate of 16 houses at Grouville on the site of the former La Motte Ford garages. Protection for wildlife on the Grouville Marsh behind the development was a Planning requirement.


John Wesley Apartments, Cannon Street, St Helier

40 flats and 1 house

This estate takes up one side of Cannon Street (from the Parade, St Helier) and consists of 40 apartments, some single-bed and 2-bed, and a house. It has basement car-parking and a rear patio for residents.

Kent Lodge,
Clarendon Road,
St Helier

7 flats

Situated in Clarendon Road in St Helier, an earlier development of the Trust, consisting of 7 x 2-bed apartments.

La Folie, Mont Felard,
St Lawrence

33 houses and flats

In the news at the time, the Trust was persuaded by Housing President (Corrie Stein) to acquire an existing estate at St Lawrence in order to protect the tenancies of the residents, which were under threat.  The estate of flats and houses was dilapidated and lay in the grounds of a converted old manor-house.  The Trust has since extensively re-developed the estate, which now comprises  33 units, including 9 houses.


La Roseraie, Mont Millais,
St Helier

35 houses and 10 flats

Previous occupiers of this site, a former quarry, were the Postal Headquarters and the Jersey Tobacco Company.  Older residents will remember the small tower that symbolised a cigar and occupied a prominent place at the foot of Mont Millais.  All the old buildings were demolished and the new exterior buildings now conceal quite spacious central gardens.  The estate consists of 45 units of mostly houses and some flats.

Le Coie, Springfield Road,
St Helier

96 flats and 2 amenity units

Developed by the States of Jersey Housing Department and sold to the Trust on completion, this is a well-known architectural feature at Springfield on the boundary of St. Helier and St Saviour.  It comprises 96 x 1-bed and 2-bed apartments. 


Le Grand Clos,
Mont a L’Abbe,
St Helier

54 houses and flats

A recent development comprising 54 units of mainly 3-bed houses on the north edge of the town of St Helier. It offers excellent amenities for families, with extensive car-parking and central gardens.

Maison de St Nicholas,
St Peter

6 flats

One of our very early developments, of 6 x 2-bed apartments, part of the estate of houses built at the former Moorestown School site at St Peter.

Millbrook Gardens,
Rue de Haut, St Lawrence

4 flats, I house

A very pleasant and recent development of 5 houses at Millbrook, St Lawrence.


Parkside, West Park and Lewis Street, St Helier

19 flats and maisonettes

This large site at West Park, St Helier, was occupied by a small hotel.  We converted the attractive hotel building into flats and constructed a second block of flats in the grounds at the rear.  The development now comprises 19 units, 4 of which have 4 or 5 bedrooms. 


5 St Clement’s Road,
St Helier

10 flats

Close to Howard Davies Park, you might not notice this neat development of 10 apartments.


St Paul’s Gate,
Dumaresq Street,
St Helier

17 flats

Situated in Dumaresq Street in St Helier, this was the first property to be acquired by the Trust. It was developed by the States Housing Department and transferred to the Trust soon after the Trust was set up in 1995.  It consists of 17 x 2-bed apartments.


St Saviour’s Court,
St Saviour’s Road,
St Helier

28 flats

This was the site of the the Church of Christ the Scientist, until its closure and sale to the Trust.  Situated next to Liberation Court, it was designed to appear to be an extension of that building.  Nevertheless, it remains a separately owned and managed property, consisting of 28 apartments, mainly 2-bed and some 3-bed.


Victoria Place,
Albert Pier,
St Helier

77 flats and a 5-unit group home

Victoria Place and Albert Place was the first major development on the Waterfront in St Helier and, at the time, the largest development in Jersey.  Victoria Place comprises 77 apartments owned and managed by the Trust.  Albert Place has a similar number of flats, which were sold to first-time buyers.  Residents have the amenity of internal gardens and patios and basement car-parking.  The development was managed by the Waterfront Enterprise Board with the Trust having a close involvement.