Housing Advice

17th Dec, 2020

Government launches Housing Advice Service website

The Government’s Customer and Local Services Department have soft-launched a new website bringing together housing advice from across the gov.je and links to local third sector services. 

The website is the first component of the Housing Advice Service project, a new service designed to provide the people of Jersey with access to housing information and support, filling in gaps of the current government service offering and developing a new model of support based on best practice. In addition to the website, the Housing Advice Service project will involve: 

  • The creation of an online self-service checklist to triage customer’s needs and direct them to appropriate services; 
  • a specialist officer supporting customers with high needs to prevent and mitigate housing crises; 
  • phone and email service streams for housing advice and support 

The other components will be delivered in 2021. 

We will continuously improve the service. If you have any questions or feedback related to the website or service, please get in touch with Project Manager, Kieran Heaney; k.heaney@gov.je or submit the feedback anonymously via the gov.je online feedback form.