Covid-19 Notice

Reassurance to tenants of the Jersey Homes Trust.

COVID-19 Crisis;
26 March 2020.

The Jersey Homes Trust is a responsible and compassionate housing provider. We are used to working with those of our tenants who may have financial difficulties from time to time.

During the Coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis we recognise that some tenants will experience delays or interruptions in their income and prompt payment of rental may be affected. In such cases it is important to contact our Managers and to explain the problem. You will find us helpful and understanding.

In all normal circumstances we expect you to continue to pay your rent when it is due.

If you are laid off from work you should contact Customer & Local Services to make a claim for Income Support, which will assist you to pay your rent. Existing Income support claimants should contact Income Support by email with details of any change in circumstances.

The Jersey Homes Trust does not intend to evict tenants who go into rent arrears because of Covid-19.

Finally, we are happy to announce that Trustees have decided;

until further notice, the Trust will not implement rental increases that fall due.

Michael Van Neste
Jersey Homes Trust

News Releases

18th Dec, 2020

Jersey Homes Trust extends rent freeze into 2021


Jersey Homes Trust tenants will not face any increase in their rents until next spring at the earliest.

The Trust, the Island’s second largest provider of social rented housing, decided earlier this year not to raise rents from April,due to the Covid-19 pandemic, for the remainder of the year.At a recent meeting of Trustees it was unanimously agreedto extend that freeze until the end of March 2021.

Commenting on the decision, Trust Chairman Michael Van Neste said: ‘Our mission is to provide social rented housing for those residents of the Island who need it, and many of our tenants have sufferedand will continue to sufferfinancial hardship due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. At this time of year they already have the added cost of heating their homes and to impose a rental increase now would further add to their concerns.’

He continued: ‘I would, however, like to repeat my earlier request to any of our tenants who may be struggling financially to seek advice, at the earliest opportunity, from our Managers regarding any problems they may have in paying their rent. We are here to offer advice and assistance.’

The Jersey Homes Trust was set up in 1995 to provide social rented homes for Island residents. It now owns and manages 839 homes spread over 24 estates.