Anti-social behaviour


Everyone has the right to live peacefully in their home. It is a condition of your Tenancy Agreement that you do not create nuisance or disturbance to your neighbours so please show consideration and respect for others. Examples of behaviour that may upset other people and prevent them enjoying life in their home can include excessive noise from televisions, banging doors and raised voices. Your neighbours should not be able to hear any music, radios, TVs etc. from your property at any time, even during the day as many tenants are on shift work and sleep during the day. Please do not smoke on stairwells, landings and balconies and in corridors and lifts. Please ensure that your children do not cause a nuisance to neighbours.

If you do have a dispute with another tenant please try and resolve it amicably. If that is not possible then contact our Managers. If they are unable to assist they may put you in touch with the Honorary Police. If the problem is unsociable behaviour you can contact the Community Policing Team of the States of Jersey Police. If noise is an issue, then get in touch with the States of Jersey Environmental Health Department.