Paying your rent


Your rent is due monthly and should be paid by Standing Order or by Internet Banking.

Rents are reviewed annually on 1st April every year. You will be notified in writing at least one month in advance of any change to  your rent.  

Other charges

All tenants are responsible for paying their Parish Occupier Rates and telephone bills.

Most tenants are responsible for paying their own electricity, gas (where applicable), water bills and other household charges. 

However, tenants living on some of our estates will pay these charges to our Managers. All new tenants will be notified about their responsibilities in this respect.

Rental assistance

The Jersey Homes Trust is a private sector landlord. 

As a tenant of the Jersey Homes Trust you may be eligible to apply for housing benefit as part of the Income Support Scheme operated by the States of Jersey. To find out more go to

What happens if I cannot pay my rent

If you find yourself unable to pay your rent please get in touch with our Managers immediately - do not wait until you have built up a debt. Our Managers will offer practical advice and can help you to work around any temporary problems.

If you need help with planning your financial affairs, you should consider contacting the Citizens’ Advice Bureau. Their trained counsellors can offer free, independent and confidential advice and assistance. Click here for contact details

  • Note: If you fail to pay your rent, the Jersey Homes Trust may take legal action and you could lose your home.