Leaving your home

Leaving your Property

Inform the utility companies – Jersey Electricity, Jersey Water, Jersey Gas (where applicable) and arrange for a final reading of metered supplies. The utility companies will need your forwarding address in order to send their final account. You will be responsible for paying the bill for the period up to and including the termination date of your Tenancy Agreement.

You must also:

  • Inform the Parish that you have moved.
  • Inform your insurance company.
  • Contact Jersey Post and arrange for your mail to be re-directed. Neither the Jersey Homes Trust nor the new tenant are responsible for forwarding any mail that may come to the property after you have left. 
  • Cancel satellite TV contracts if applicable.
  • Cancel your Standing Order for the payment of rent to the Jersey Homes Trust after the payment of all rent that is due.
  • If you have a driving licence you must change your address with the appropriate authorities. 

So that we can return your deposit (if applicable) to you as soon as possible after you have left the property, please follow the following guidelines. 


  • Remove all picture hooks, nails etc from walls and ceilings, fill holes and paint.
  • Marks, stickers etc must be removed from walls, ceilings, doors and paintwork. Make good if necessary.
  • Unless the new tenant has agreed to take them over:
    1. Remove all curtains and blinds
    2. Remove any extra light fittings, make good any holes, replace  the original light fittings
    3. Remove floor coverings except where these have been fitted by the Jersey Homes Trust.
  • Note: If the new tenant has arranged to take over any furnishings from you, they must confirm this in writing to our Managers. 
  • Clean all woodwork, window frames, windows, doors and fittings.
  • All damage must be repaired.
  • Note: Avoidable damage and damage resulting from neglect, accident  or mis-use is not “fair wear and tear” and will be charged for if not repaired by you.