Living in your home

Utility companies

Before you move into your Jersey Homes Trust property you must arrange to be connected to the mains services – water, electricity, gas (if appropriate) and telephone (if a landline is required). Our Managers will advise you which services you need and offer practical advice. Click here for contact details.

  • Note: It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that all connections are made and all connection charges are paid for. 

If you are unclear as to how your heating system works you should contact the appropriate utility company – either the Jersey Electricity Company or Jersey Gas – both of which have customer advisors who will visit you free of charge to explain how your system works. The utility companies will also be able to advise you as to the various payment schemes available.

Electricity budget meters

To arrange the installation of an electricity budget meter you should first contact our Managers for consent. Once they have agreed, you should then contact the Jersey Electricity Company who will arrange to fit the meter (where this is possible). Please note that if access to the proposed budget meter is shared by other utility suppliers, then a budget meter cannot be installed.

Cable television and satellite services

  • Cable television is available in some Jersey Homes Trust properties.
  • Under NO circumstances may tenants living in flats install their own satellite dishes.
  • Tenants living in houses MUST receive written permission from the Jersey Homes Trust before fitting a satellite dish.

Informing your Parish and the Post Office

After moving into your home you must advise your Parish of your name and address and the date your tenancy commenced. To have your mail redirected from your previous address, contact Jersey Post. Click here for contact details for all the Parish Halls and Jersey Post Office.

Door keys and parking access controls

  • Every tenant is issued with a set of keys which must be returned at the end of the tenancy.

If you lose your key/s the locks may have to be changed and new keys issued and the cost of this will be charged to you. Keys and/or remote controllers issued for car parking access must also be returned at the end of a tenancy. Should these be lost or damaged you will be charged for replacements.